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Skylights & Velux

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Skylights & Velux Cleaning In Surrey

Our roof windows cleaners bring 15 years of cleaning services experience to the table. These professional cleaners are well versed in the latest window cleaning technology and techniques, which means they deliver every cleaning job in the safest and most efficient manner. 

Once our roof window cleaners in Surrey are done with their work, it will be like you just had your skylights, roof windows, VELUXs, and sun tunnels installed.

How Are Roof Window Cleaning Service Works In Surrey 

Window cleaning is something we all have to do after every couple of days. This is why we offer short- and long-term service contracts to our customers. You can hire our window cleaning team for undisturbed services for a long time at great prices. Our crew will then arrive at your house or office on the scheduled days of the week at your designated time to clean your roof windows. 

You won’t need to give us a call and your skylights and roof windows will be cleaned on time, looking and working like new.

On an average day, our roof window cleaning job includes:

  • Dusting and power washing of the indoor and outdoor surfaces;

  • Complete removal of the grime and residue from the window panes;

  • Wiping of the entire window frame; and

  • Proper dry down of all parts of the window.

Why Choose MK Window Cleaning Services LTD To Clean Your Skylights & Veluxs

  • We offer 15 years of window cleaning experience to you.

  • We are reliable, honest and transparent.

  • Our window cleaning team is thoroughly professional and always on time.

  • We can clean your skylights, VELUXs, and roof windows cleaning at any height safely.

  • We comply with all industry best practices and safety regulations.

Other Services We Offer

If you are in need of other specialised cleaning services for your home, give us a call. We would be happy to offer you high quality:

Don't Leave The Dirt On Your Skylights Effecting
The Natural Lights Entering Your Home!

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