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Window Cleaning

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Window Cleaners in Surrey

We established MK Window Cleaning Services to offer quality service at affordable prices. Additionally, one of the reasons our customers trust us completely with their cleaning needs for windows and other areas of their home and offices is the exceptional team we have. 

With decades of combined industry experience, our professional window cleaners know exactly what works and what doesn’t. They keep up with the innovations in professional cleaning methods and technologies, which allows us to stay efficient and save customers’ time and money while consistently improving the quality of our service.

What We Include In Our Window Cleaning Service In Surrey

Families and business owners hire us on flexible contracts so we can continue to deliver top quality window cleaning service in Surrey without them having to call us every time their windows are dirty. 

With a short- or long-term service contract you can get your windows cleaned as often as you want at a reduced fee and without having to wait. Our cleaning crew will arrive on the scheduled time and day and do their job.

Our home window service covers:

  • Dusting and washing of the exterior and interior surfaces;

  • Residue and debris removal from the window panes;

  • Wiping of the window frame all around; and

  • Proper dry down of all surfaces to ensure your windows stay clean and spotless.

Why Choose MK Window Cleaning Services LTD To Clean Your Windows

  • Backed by 15 years of window cleaning experience

  • Proud to be transparent, honest, reliable and punctual

  • Following your window cleaning schedule like clockwork

  • Safe window cleaning on all heights

  • Total compliance with applicable regulations and industry best practices

Other Services We Offer

If you are in need of other specialised cleaning services for your home, give us a call. We would be happy to offer you high quality:

Keeping Your House Clean Can Increase
The House Value By £1728!

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