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Why Get Your Windows Cleaned By Reach & Wash

Reach & Wash cleaning is becoming more and more

popular these days. It requires limited equipment and no advanced skills, promises great results, and is suitable for people who are not comfortable with heights.

In short, it is everything you probably ever wanted for your window cleaning regimen. And who could blame you for trying to find the simplest way to do something that needs doing every other day?

We say nobody.

In fact, if you ask us, the old ways of putting the cleaner in danger and needing heavy equipment to clean higher windows should better be left to the professionals. For homeowners, we think reach and wash window cleaning is the way to go now.

What is Reach & Wash Window Cleaning?

That’s a great question to ask and maybe a better starting point for this post.

A Reach & Wash window cleaning system allows you to clean your windows from the safety of the ground using a number of connected pipes that have a soft-bristled brush on the cleaning end and shoots jets of pure water to clean away the dirt.

Here are a few features of this system that have helped make it the new best way to clean windows:

  • The pipe segments used can be connected into a chain to reach any height you need. If you buy an authentic Reach & Wash® system, you can expect to get good quality pipes that will easily connect together without any water supply loss.

  • The soft-bristled brush on the end is used for scrubbing dried stains and dirt. Keeping in mind the usual material those bristles are made of, you should be able to scrub the grime and dirt off the glass easily enough.

  • Only pure water is used in Reach & Wash window cleaning systems because it dries to leave no spots or patterns on the glass thanks to no impurities in the water.

Reach & Wash Window Cleaning: How It’s Done

Now that you understand what Reach & Wash cleaning is, you probably have a very clear idea of how it works. The cleaning is done in three simple steps:

  • STEP 01 – CONNECT THE PIPES: To begin, you need to determine the height of the windows you want to clean. Usually, windows are installed between 3 feet above the floor reaching up to 7 feet on the wall. Add an average of 10 feet between floors and you’ll have a rough idea of how long your reach and wash pipe needs to be.

  • STEP 02 – SCRUB THE DIRT: Once your pipe is good to go, spray some water on the window glass all around to soak the dirt a little bit. The soaked grime will make it easier for you to scrub it with the brush attached to the pipe.

  • STEP 03 – WASH WITH PURE WATER: Once done with the scrubbing, shoot pure water through the telescopic line you have built with the connected pipes and wash away the accumulated dirt within seconds.

The entire process takes a few minutes to clean a window before you move on to the next. You will only need to change the length of your pipeline once you have cleaned all the windows on one story and want to move on to another.

Obvious Benefits of Using Reach & Wash Systems for Cleaning Windows

If you have read everything we said above, by now you are probably wondering why haven’t started using reach-and-wash cleaning method for your windows. The benefits are just too obvious.

However, in case you never really thought about it before, here is a list of the benefits you can be sure to gain when you switch to using reach-and-wash window cleaning.

  • The entire system is easy to keep and maintain, which makes storage and operation very easy overall.

  • These Reach & Wash window cleaning systems are designed to be compatible so they can be easily transported to any space or location in a van, which is a big relief if you provide window cleaning services professionally.

  • Cleaning windows with reach-and-wash method keeps your cleaning expenses low, since you won’t be using any detergents.

  • You will also save considerable time during window cleaning, since you won’t be using heavy lifting equipment or ladders that may require special focus and several minutes to set up for every window. Not to mention all the time it would require to move the cleaner from one window to the next.

  • The cleaner safely works from the ground during the entire Reach and Wash® window cleaning process, which means they need not risk climbing heights to clean windows.

  • While it is always advisable to let professional window cleaners take care of your needs, one advantage of cleaning your windows using a Reach & Wash system is you can do it yourself. Most reach-and-wash systems are easy to operate and practice over time certainly makes the work easier still.

  • Since no ladders are leaned over the walls during reach-and-wash window cleaning, your gutters remain safe from all the damage ladders can cause.

  • There’s also no risk of on-lookers when you are use reach-and-wash cleaning to clean your windows. In the old cleaning ways of using ladders for windows, your family’s privacy is disturbed while the cleaner is working. Peering eyes of a stranger through the window are never a pleasant sight, and with reach-and-wash cleaning, you can simply skip the unpleasantness.

Getting Help from Professional Reach & Wash Window Cleaners

When all is said and done, reach-and-wash is certainly the best way to clean your windows now. In addition, though, as a homeowner, you should always get a professional team to clean your windows.

Even though a reach-and-wash system is easy to operate, it costs a good sum of money to buy one. There’s also the fact that you will need to buy additional equipment for it to function, such as a water filtering tank that can turn your tap water into the pure water your reach-and-wash system will utilise.

Professionals make the work even easier and enable you to go about your routine without fitting in window cleaning every other day.


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