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Increasing Home Value By Cleaning & Washing The Exterior

Selling a house is quite stressful. It may be an opportunity to take the next step in your journey to buying your dream home or meeting some other major financial goals, but it can take a lot of your time and energy.

In fact, when in a recent survey conducted by a property investing group across the UK the respondents were given a list of important undertakings in life and asked which one was most stressful, most people said selling a house caused them most stress – more than having a baby, starting a new job, planning a wedding, going on a family holiday, and buying a new home.

With that in mind, imagine if you ever had to go through the process of selling a house, wouldn’t you want to get the best possible value for it? Would you feel delighted to get less for the house you are selling if you know you could get more?

Even without the stress bit, people generally want to get the best value for whatever they are selling. It’s human nature.

Reasons to Clean & Pressure Wash Your House Exteriors Before Listing It

Long-time homeowners know there’s a lot that can be done to increase the value of a house when they are ready to sell it. If you are a homeowner ready to sell, you are probably looking for ways to get the most out of the transaction too.

Like we said, there’s a lot you can do. For instance, one of the most effective – and least talked about – ways to push up your property value is just cleaning the windows and the exteriors while giving the drive a decent pressure wash.

Did you know that, on average, having clean windows, nicely presented exteriors, a neatly trimmed lawn, and a clean driveway can bump your property value by over 10%?

In other words, if your house was originally valued at £400,000, taking the steps we have listed above to add appeal and spending a few hundred pounds on the exercise before a potential buyer comes over a viewing, you can easily add an incredible £40,000 to the price tag,

How, you ask?

Let’s explore some of the reasons having your home exterior pressure washed can add to its market value:

Fresh, New Look

One of the biggest reasons why homeowners make sure their house gets a proper cleaning and washing before the “for sale” signs go up is the spotless, fresh looks the exercise gives to the house. Even if the house was constructed years ago, a round of proper cleaning and pressure washing can give it back the new look it once had.

Imagine the used, dull-looking, dirt-infested drive you’ve driven your car up to the garage every day for as long as you have lived in the house looking brand new – like you just had it added to the house.

How would a potential buyer driving up to the door would feel looking at that sleek and clean concrete?

A Great First Impression

The newly cleaned house will definitely leave a lasting impression on any potential buyers that come over for a viewing.

The look professionally done windows and exterior cleaning along with thorough pressure washing leave can be the ultimate factor that pushes visiting potential buyers to choose your home over other options available in the market.

That’s the kind of impression you want your property to leave on potential buyers. It needs to stand out and stay in their mind as they go to their viewing appointments for other houses. With their mind on your property, they will be likely to return and contact you again.

Ready for the New Family

Another great benefit of getting your windows and exteriors cleaned and washed by a professional team is how it makes the home look ready for a new family. Even if you have lived on the property for years, cleaning and washing can remove much of the obvious traces of use. As a potential buyer drives up the driveway to your garage door, steps out of the vehicle, and goes from room to room, the neatly cleaned and washing property will probably keep them thinking about how your house looked ready to move in.

Reduced Repairs Costs

When your house exterior is cleaned with pressure washing, it will wash away all the dirt, grime, bird droppings, and other debris accumulated on the surfaces.

Your home exteriors are endlessly exposed to the elements and everything that comes with it. Mould and grime build-ups can damage your house – and sometimes this damage might require thorough repairs before it can be fixed.

With pressure washing and regular rounds of cleaning, you can save considerable resources, including time and money.

How? Because if these deposits of filth are left untouched for a long while, they begin to rot the surfaces they are on. This includes the guttering, window panes, and other areas of the house exterior.

Final Thoughts

That should convince you to have your home exterior washed, your windows cleaned, the drive, and other attachments pressure washed before you put the house up for sale. The benefits are many and each is very important in its own right. When you decide to sell your house, make sure it follows the suggestions we made in this post, so you can benefit from the mistakes other people have made in the past by neglecting the presentation of their house during viewings.

Incidentally, even if you are not selling the house right now, getting regular pressure washes ensures your exteriors are well-maintained and the house keeps looking new. In addition, it is always advisable that you get these things done by professionals. You might not have the equipment used for pressure washing, for instance, and you definitely do not have the expertise required to do it properly. A professional team of window cleaners with the right equipment and years of industry experience can certainly do the job right.


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